The quickest way to locate a Veteran is to enter his or her last name into one of the search fields at the bottom of every page and click the "go" button. This will return a list of all Veterans with that last name.

Names with Special Characters
If the name you are searching on contains a special character such as a single quote, please omit the single quote and type in a space in its place. As an example, O'Brien should be typed in as O Brien.

Working with Search Results
After you've entered your search request, you'll be presented with a list of names that match your search term(s). You can click on the headers of each column to sort the entire results list by that piece of information. For example, if you're searching for a last name shared by many people, you may want to click the "First Name" column header to make it easier to locate a particular Veteran. Or, if you know the person came from a certain home town, you may choose to sort by that instead.

Detailed Searches
To search using more detailed information, you can go to our "Find" page (a link is also at the top of every page in the navigation menu). You can search by first name, last name, branch of the military, date of birth, home town, home state, or a combination of any or all of the fields. From the "Find" page you can jump to an even more detailed search page, the "Advanced Find" page.

Viewing Information and a Wall Panel
Once you've found the name you're looking for in your search results, you can either view information on that person or view the Wall panel their name is inscribed on. To view the information about the person, click the "Info" button. To view the interactive Wall panel, click the "View" button.


Viewing a Name

When you click on a "View" button, the Wall panel viewing window will pop open with the panel you've selected. You'll see the name of the Veteran you've selected at the top along with the panel number and the row number. You'll also see row indicators in the black border along the left side of the panel viewing space. Beneath the panel image, you'll see instructions on how to interact with the image.

To locate the name, move your mouse up and down the image itself. The row your mouse is currently over will be displayed in the black border along the left of the panel (the Java viewer) or as a tooltip (the QuickTime component). Once you've found the row the name is inscribed on, press the "A" key to zoom in.

Once you've zoomed in somewhat, you may notice that the row number your mouse was over has changed in relation to the image. Don't worry - just press your mouse button and you can then drag the image by moving your mouse. Alternatively, you can use the "Arrow" keys on your keyboard to move the image.

Using the row indicators, you should be able to locate the row you're looking for in a relatively short time. There are usually 4-6 names in each row, so once you're sure that you have the correct row and you've zoomed in on it, just pan left or right until you find the name.


Saving and Printing a Name

Once you've located the name on the wall, you may want to save it to email it to relatives or print it out.

1. Hit the "ALT" and "PRINT SCREEN" keys at the same time
2. Go to the Windows START button
4. Select PAINT
5. Go to EDIT menu and select PASTE
6. To save the image, go to the FILE menu and select SAVE
7. To print the image, go to the FILE menu and select PRINT
* You can also paste the image into Word or another editing program and print the image from there.

1. Hit "CMD" + "SHIFT" + "4"
2. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair
3. Click and drag to select the part of the image you want to save
4. Let go and the image will be saved to your hard drive as "Picture 1" (or 2, 3, etc)
5. Double-click the saved image to load it into SimpleText
6. In the FILE menu, select PRINT


Technical Support

The Panel Viewing Page
If you experience problems while attempting to view a Wall panel, please review the following information:

1. Are you on a slow connection? The first time you go to a panel viewing page, it may take a moment for the Zoomify Viewer (created with JavaScript) to display. Once it has done so, subsequent panels should take less time to load.

2. After zooming in, did the image stop clearing up? If you're on a slow connection, it may take a moment for a particular area of a panel to clear up once you've zoomed in a bit. Otherwise, you might try to move the panel a bit (click the mouse button and drag the image or use the arrow keys). If this doesn't help, close the panel viewing window and click the appropriate "View" button again to refresh the viewing page.

3. Viewing:

Zoomify Viewer: The Zoomify Viewer is created with JavaScript - no special download or setup is needed. Prior versions were based on proprietary plugins, ActiveX, QuickTime, or Flash - but these are NOT used in this current implementation.

4. If none of these steps addresses your concern, you can email Zoomify Support. If you do so, please be sure to include the following information so we are better able to help you:

a. Your operating system and version (e.g., Windows version, Mac OS version, etc.)
b. Your browser and version (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, etc.)
c. The amount of free disk space on your hard drive
d. The amount of RAM installed on your computer
e. A general description of what you were trying to do and what happened
f. Any error messages that accompanied the problem

Other Concerns with the Site
If you encounter any other difficulties while visiting the site, such as broken links, error messages when you attempt to search for a name, or any other issues, please let our Webmaster know!


General Feedback

If you have any other questions, concerns, or are curious about the technology used to develop this site, please feel free to let us know. Also, please inform us if you believe information about a person is incorrect or missing - we'll be happy to update our records to ensure that the information on the site is as accurate as possible.