Why we created this site

We offer this photographic presentation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to enable everyone everywhere to experience the power of this unique and important memorial.

This site allows visitors to visually explore the Wall in a realistic, intuitive manner that recreates, to the greatest degree possible, the experience of personally visiting the Wall. We've also included a fully searchable database to allow visitors to quickly locate friends and loved ones.

We hope you find our efforts worthwhile.

Special Thanks To:

The Veterans, for their sacrifice.

We thank professional photographer Eric Poppleton of EPOP, inc. for his talent and for his commitment to this challenging project.

California Congressman Sam Farr, (D-Carmel) and former New Jersey State Senator James Wallwork have our continuing gratitude for their guidance and true understanding of the term 'public service.'

This project would not have been possible without the experience and commitment of digital imaging expert and Veteran, James Schueckler and the professional digital cameras generously provided by Eastman Kodak Company.


We would like to dedicate this to the memory of those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and to our fathers who served in Vietnam: Colonel Peter Falco, US Army Reserves, Colonel Anthony Adessa, US Army (Retired), and the late Lt. Colonel LeRoy Schroeder, USAF.

From left to right: Alex Schroeder, David Urbanic, Eric Poppleton, & James Schueckler.

How we created this site

Members of the Zoomify team traveled to Washington D.C. in October 2001 to capture a complete photographic record of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. To avoid interfering with visitors' appreciation of the Memorial and due to the highly reflective surface of the Wall, the images were taken at night using professional digital cameras and special lighting equipment.

The resulting image files have been converted to Zoomify's unique streaming image format. This format was developed to provide fast viewing of very large, high quality images even over slow connections. For more information about Zoomify's network imaging solutions, please visit www.zoomify.com.

Founding executives of the Zoomify Team:
CEO: Pete Falco
President: David Urbanic
CTO: Jeremy Gentile
VP: Alex Schroeder
Engineering: Frank Adessa


About Zoomify

Zoomify brings quality images to networks. Zoomify's technologies power image acquisition, editing, sharing, streaming, and display for image-centric businesses, digital appliance companies, and creative professionals. Established in 1999, Zoomify is located in sunny Santa Cruz, California, on the leading edge of Silicon Valley.